In 2020, the number of primary health care centres (PHC) in Bali Province is 120. Of the 120 existing PHCs, 41 of them are PHCs accompanied by inpatient services and the remaining 79 are PHCs without inpatient facilities.

Until 2020 the government has built 1 hospital in the province, namely the Bali Mandara Regional General Hospital, opened on 28 October 2017, 1 regional hospital in Tabanan Regency, namely Payangan General Hospital, which opened on 14 February 2020, Nyitdah Hospital began to open January 1 2017, 1 hospital in Klungkung Regency, namely the Gema Santi Nusa Penida Regional Hospital, opened on 27 November 2017, 1 Pratama Kubu Hospital in Karangasem Regency, opened on 25 May 2016, 2 pratama hospitals in the Regency Buleleng, namely Tangguwisia Primary Hospital and Giri Emas Primary Hospital opened on October 12 2016 and November 3 2017.

In the Province of Bali, it was recorded that in 2020 there were 28,975 health workers and 13,177 health support workers. The highest proportion of health workers, namely paramedics as much as 42.5% of the total health workers.

Some hospitals and clinics closed to venue include Bali Mandara Regional Hospital.

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